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3D Asset – Simple Crate

I’ve been playing around some more with simple asset creation in Blender recently and decided to try and make something simple that was actually useful.

So here is a very simple crate I have created. It is low poly and is textured (via Cycles) with a simple wood texture. I’m not very good with texturing at the moment so you’ll probably want to give it a better one, but hopefully it is helpful if you need a crate in a hurry.

To make it easy to use I am making two versions available:

  1. A Blend file which has the crate, the cycles materal (texture is packed) and also the single panel with the mirror modifier still applied.
  2. A OBJ which comes with the .mtl file. Great if you don’t use Blender or just want to import it into most 3D programs.

You can get whichever you need below:

Again, I’m still just starting out, but hopefully this is helpful to someone out there.

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