This is the personal website of Nabesaka. I am a gamer, web technologist and lover of the all things cute.

I am also a hobby 3D artist and work mostly with Blender and Daz Studio 3D. My passion is making renders I think are beautiful.

I produce both Safe For Work and Not Safe For Work renders. This website only contains SFW renders. All NSFW renders can be found on my Twitter account.

What Will Be Posted Here?

I will be posting tutorials and guides on different aspects of 3D. Mostly Daz Studio based, but there will definitely be some cross-over with Blender since I use that for any modelling needs.

I may also add a Gallery featuring my SFW renders, my NSFW renders will be kept on my Twitter.

I would like to post them here but the country I live in is a prudish hot mess and is making posting adult content on the internet without using complicated, privacy intruding, age verification systems pretty much impoosible as of late.

What Kind Of Renders Do You Make?

When I first started I had no idea, but as I’ve been making more and more renders I have found I enjoy making glamour style renders. Think Playboy, Twistys or DigitalDesire.

One kind of render I would like to do, but is incredibly difficult with my current skills, is a Kinbaku or Shibari render. I love Shibari art, and think the women who model for it are nothing short of incredible and the Nawashi who tie such beautiful art are amazing.

Rope is relatively easy to model, but I have found it is very difficult to work with in 3D even when using curves for guides (in Blender). If anyone has any tips I’m definitely all ears.

When Did You Start?

I have used Blender on and off for a long time. Maybe 10 years. A problem I discovered was that I had trouble visualising where I was in 3D space. After talking to others I have found this is apparently quite common.

I found that the solution was to keep using Blender and I now no longer experience that same feeling while working in 3D.

Do You Do Commissions?

I try not to. This is a hobby, and while I do appreciate that commission would mean money I feel like that could turn it into a job.

In fact I did start a Patreon for my more NSFW renders, but after some changes in my personal life and work I felt it would be unfair to continue it as those changes meant I could not guarantee the commitment required to run a Patreon.

How Do You Intend To Make Money?

Honestly, this is a hobby so I don’t intend to make money, but it would be nice to.

I looked at Patreon, but due to my job I don’t have the consistently available time to keep one alive. I looked at Ko-Fi but they don’t allow adult content.

Finally I came across Gumroad. They don’t allow real adult content, but seem to allow art, illustration and 3D content so I dropped them an email and they say I would be able to use their services.

So with that in mind look out for my Gumroad store coming soon.