I have been focusing mostly on NSFW renders recently so I needed inspiration for a new SFW render.

After watching the recent music video for (G)I-DLE’s Oh My God I decided to try to re-make a shot of Soyeon from the video in Daz.

I’m pretty happy with how it came out given I only had a few hours to work on it.

Devil Girl

This was a test render I created for a character I was making for NSFW purposes.

I say making, but it really only involves using sliders and morphs to create her. I’m sadly not talented or experienced enough to create a character via sculpting.

I’m pretty happy with her though. If you’d like to check out the NSFW renders please check out my Twitter. Remember 18+ (or 21+) only.

Kimono Warrior

While taking a break from my NSFW renders I wanted to try getting back into doing renders with a narrative.

My idea was of a somewhat odd noir style world where kimono clad girls battle against zombies… Then again I’ve probably been watching too many Animes.


The Sorceress

To be honest this was really just a test render as Daz had just released Kala 8, a middle-eastern style model.

Definitely a beautiful model and I look forward to seeing what amazing characters and renders are created.

Pool Beauty

I normally use a lot of reference photos when making renders. This was my first render where I didn’t.

I suffer from a relatively unstudied condition called Aphantasia which prevents me from visualising things in my mind. Due to that I’m fairly proud of this render.

Minami at the Pool

Pharah at the Gym

Pharah at the Gym

One of my first attempts at a glamour style render using Blender.

I modelled the room based on a reference photo, and used some lockers I had in my assets folder.

The amazing Pharah model is by Pharah-Best-Girl, check it out if you want to.