Interested in my art?

Interested in my renders? Unfortunately I can’t show any of my 3DX renders here. Why? Well, hosting is one issue and Google is the other issue. Google (and most other search engines) are not a fan of showing websites in standard searches that contain adult content unless you explicitly disable Safe Search and search for an ‘Adult’ term.

I can, however, give you a way to grab my 3DX renders or support my work.

Nabesaka Renders Patreon

First up you can support my via Patreon . There are multiple tiers, please check them out. I make renders as a hobby so please don’t feel like you must join my patreon if you are happy with the free content I provide. Patreon is just a way for those who enjoy my content to give something to support me and enable me to take more time out from my IRL work to make renders more regularly.

Nabesaka Renders Gumroad

If you prefer your support to be in the form of a one-off you can grab render packs from Gumroad . They are added to irregularly, but contain about a quarter (about 3 or 4 month) worth of renders. I can no longer embed the gumroad products here due to adding image previews which contain adult material. Please visit the my Gumroad store directly if you’d like to purchase one.

Other Support Methods

Like I said you do not have to support me via monetary means. Simply following me, retweeting, sharing and liking my content on Twitter is extremely helpful. However you choose to support me I am eternally greatful.

If you have any problems please contact me by @ing me on Twitter, or via DM on Patreon if you are a supporter there.

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