Fab3DX Skin Shader

Download link and usage information for Fab3DX's Skin Shader

Here you can find the download link and some usage information for Fab3DX's skin shader for use in Blender.


First up a small disclaimer. I am not Fab3DX, as you may have guessed, however they asked me to help out by making this page with some usage examples and a link to the download. Mainly to give it a home on the internet in the hope it may be useful to people.

Fab3DX Shader Download

First up, if you are only here to score the download link you can grab it below:

Fab3DX Skin Shader

Please use the contact details at the bottom of this page to contact either myself or Fab3DX if the download link is unavailable.


Please note that until version 8 changes were not tracked in a detailed way. Changes will be tracked in detail from version 8 onward. The previous versions list is just for reference and does not include all changes or dates.

version 8 - 7th September 2021

  • Add beauty pass slider
  • Add roughness

previous versions

  • Add SSS color 1 & 2
  • Swap from driver driven color ramp to equivelent in math nodes
  • Change default Normal & Bump strength to 0
  • Various other untracked improvements

Fab3DX Shader Render Examples

Below you can see two example renders. These were made in Blender 3.0 Alpha using Cycles X, but the shader was designed to work with the current (as of Sept 2021) Blender 2.93. Remember that a shader can only do so much. Good skin textures and maps make up a substantial part of how good a skin will look.

Tifa is by MustardSFM , Ada is by Rigid3D . Both can be found on Smutbase .

Fab3DX Skin Shader Node - Append

You should append the node as you would any model, however you will find it under NodeTree. Import the version you require.

Fab3DX Skin Shader Node - Basic

All of the pins are labeled quite well, you can see what the node looks like below.

Fab3DX Skin Shader Node Setup

Fab3DX node pins

Here are some tips for what you can use for some of the pins. Remember that playing around with the values of the inputs that do not use maps is one of the best ways to understand what is happening.

Albedo Beauty Pass

The albedo map is automatically passed through some hue/saturation nodes which generally (more often than not) make skin look better. However this can cause some skins to look overly saturated or darkened. Use this value to adjust the strength of this effect.

SSS Color

Removed - Use SSS Color 1 & 2 respectively


If you don’t have a specularity map you can invert a roughness map or make a one using the diffuse and a color ramp. The latter is a last resort and will take trial and error though.


If you don’t have a roughness map and are using a specular map you can use this as a wetness slider. 0 being fully rough, 1 being fully wet.


If you don’t have a SSS map you can sometimes fake one with the Ambient Occlusion node. Tick inside and only local then use a really small distance.

SSS Colors

Color 1 is generally shallow areas and would normally be a sky blue. Color 2 is generally deep areas and would be a deep red. Customize however you like.

Normal & Bump

Both of these should be the raw map. Do not run through a normal or bump node first. Make sure the strength is set to 0 if not using a map to prevent ‘black’ geometry issues.

Fab3DX Skin Shader Node - New Gens

This is for if your model is a Daz import and uses New Gens for the genitalia. Same applies here, input the correct maps as needed and turn the New Gens OFF/ON setting to 1 to enable it.

It’s very important to make sure you use the transparency map to prevent problems. Also make sure to use a UV Map node and select the relevant UV Map for New Gens if required.

Fab3DX Skin Shader Node - Futalicious

This is for if your model is a Daz import that uses the Futalicious genitalia. Again connect the correct maps as needed and turn the Futalicious OFF/ON setting to 1 to enable.

Again it is very important to make sure you use the transparency map to prevent problems. Also make sure to use a UV Map node and select the relevant UV Map for Futalicious if required.

Further Information

As always when using these kind of node groups a healthy dose of Blender knowledge is very helpful.

If you have further questions or you need support please get in touch with NabesakaRenders or Fab3DX via Twitter. Please make sure you have read through this page before contacting either of us, we are both busy IRL and questions already answered here will likely be ignored.

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