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Cutting Circles Into Geometry Revisted

An alternative method for cutting circles into geometry

Last time we looked at a simple way to cut circles into geometry for those just starting out with Blender. In reality that method was actually slightly more complicated than required, but for good reason. It showed a few of the more manual steps needed sometimes when modelling such as filling holes and adding supporting loops for subdivison.

There is however a ‘easier’ way to make circular holes in your geometry that will work in most cases.

Loop Tools: Circle

There is an add-on built into Blender, you just need to enable it, called Loop Tools. It’s circle option is probably the quickest way to form circles you can use to make holes or circular detail.

Enabling Loop Tools

First you can enable Loop Tools simply by going to Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons then search for loop and tick the checkbox for Mesh: Loop Tools.

Using Loop Tools: Circle

To use this simply select the geometry you want to turn into a circle. While a lot of selections will work I would advise something like a square of quads.

The above selection of 4 quads will work nicely. Once selected open the N panel, go to the Edit tab and under the Loop Tools item press the circle option.

There are some more advanced options under the arrow to the left. Feel free to play around with them, but we won’t look at those this time.

Once you have done that you can do similar steps to the last tutorial. Inset a couple of times for some supporting loops, then extrude inward. Add a Subdivision modifier and if you like a Bevel modifier.

If you need a hole instead simply delete the 4 quads at the end of the hole.

Hopefully this super quick article gives a quick method for when you need a circle in your geometry. It is very simple, but I’ve noticed a fair number of people do not know about Loop Tools.

I still strongly advise learning a more manual method, whether it be my previous article about cutting circular holes in geometry or another guide, before using this method. Knowing how to do it manually will help in a lot of other situations where Loop Tools may not work.

As I said these quick articles are meant to help newbies to Blender. I am in no way skilled at modelling, preferring to pose and render, but I want to help as much as my knowledge allows. If you are more skilled please feel free to spread your own knowledge or get in touch via my Twitter if you can advise on some improvments I can make.

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